Real-Time Safety Reporting

The data you capture every week, month and year will begin to shape and solidify the safety training, inspection and culture within your company.  

Observe - Assess - Achieve


Observe - Effective workplace safety requires commitment on a day to day basis while being observant of the safety hazards your team faces.


Assess - M3 Safety Log provides your team the tools needed to capture and report important safety data in


Achieve - With consistent use of M3 Safety Log your safety team will gather the information needed to effectively direct and propel your companies workplace safety to another level.  

Looking to track your safety training and inspections

daily and on location? M3 Safety Log is the

answer. For use in the field with any internet

connected device, M3 Safety Log allows an owner, manager,

safety director or foreman to

track all their safety meetings, trainings, inspections and

violations in real time.

Produce documentation when OSHA arrives, track inspection

details on-site, and reduce your company’s risk with

instant information management. Increase efficiency

and reduce desk time with M3 Safety Log.

M3 Safety Log will provide your company

the data needed to control risk and limit liability.

With online access to reporting modules for safety meetings, trainings, inspections and

violations and an ever growing library of training materials to be used in the field,

M3 Safety Log will give your companies

management team a tool to make everyone safer.

By tracking safety training, equipment training, site

inspections, violations and corrective actions,

M3 Safety Log allows you to see a safety

footprint of your company in real time.  Your management

team will know which locations are safe, what safety

training is need and who is going above and beyond to

be safe.

OSHA will be looking for your training

documentation after a site inspection and with M3 Safety Log

 you will have all you need and more.