M3 Toolbox Talk

M3 Personl Protective Equipment 

Head Protection - Workers must wear hard hats when overhead, falling, or flying hazards exist or when danger of electrical shock is present.

Eye and Face Protection - Workers must wear only ANSI approved safety glasses, face shields or goggles for welding, cutting, nailing (including pneumatic), or when working with concrete and/or harmful chemicals and to protect against flying particles. Look for Z87 stamped on the frames.

Foot Protection - Residential construction workers must wear shoes or boots with slip-resistant and puncture-resistant soles to prevent slipping and puncture wounds

Hand Protection - High-quality gloves can prevent injury. Make sure that gloves should fit snugly.  Always inspect gloves for cuts, tears and discoloration that might indicate excessive wear.

Body Protection - Clothing to protect the body should consist at a minimum of long work pants and a sleeved shirt. When hazardous liquids, gases, vapors or debris are present, the level of protection needed increases. This may include garments of Tyvek, Nomex, or PVC

Hearing Protection - Wherever it is not feasible to reduce the noise levels or duration of exposures, ear protective devices shall be provided and used.

Observe - Assess - Achieve


Observe - Effective workplace safety requires commitment on a day to day basis while being observant of the safety hazards your team faces.


Assess - M3 Safety Log provides your team the tools needed to capture and report important safety data in


Achieve - With consistent use of M3 Safety Log your safety team will gather the information needed to effectively direct and propel your companies workplace safety to another level.